Since our inception in 2016, Madison Robots has secured seed capital to establish operations in 'The Building', a 15,000 sq. ft. industrial incubator located on the near-east side of Madison, WI.    Madison Robots procured and installed two state-of-the-art KUKA Robots (Made in Germany) and set up power and control systems to run the robots in tandem with a rotary table.  We are continuing to assemble a dedicated team of experienced professionals, industry experts and business advisors to fulfill the vision of Madison Robots.  

We invite you to explore some of the possibilities and choices that we can offer to help you get your project completed to meet your specifications.

We are able to tackle projects as large as 30 feet x 15 feet, 9 meters x 4.5 meters and larger in a variety of materials, and our twinned robots utilize the most efficient tools and tool paths to deliver results fast and accurate. And they are true beasts of burden, working away on your art 24x7.


Finished and in-progress sculpture fabrication including to scale foam models, large-scale installations, restoration work.


Fabrication of large-scale structures including textures, patterns, lattice-work, building exterior details and interior restorations.


One-of-a kind, limited-run production, custom manufacturing of industrial and machine parts, design prototypes, vintage gear, tools, and replicas.

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