KUKA Robots are suitable for a wide range of applications and stand out due to their robustness and precision. 


Our two KUKA robots are programmed to work in sync with each other and with the rotary table, to offer an unprecedented 13 axes of motion. 


They utilize the most efficient tools and tool paths to deliver results fast and accurate. And they are true beasts of burden, capable of working away on your art 24x7.


We utilize a variety of software packages for 3D design, simulation, and build that include AutoCAD PowerMill, AUTODESK RECAP, Revit, SOLIDWORKS, and customized robotics programming controls.


Rotary Table - 360 degree high torque continuous rotating table with a capacity of over 1 ton (1000 kilos) enables the handling of large fabrication pieces.


We have assembled a dedicated team of experienced professionals, industry experts and with access to engineering and electrical expertise and logistics planning to fulfill the vision of your project.  As we develop proof-of-concept operations at our facility, we invite you to explore some of the possibilities and choices that we can offer to help you get your project completed to meet your specifications. 


Our 15 foot tall robots can fabricate projects as large as 30 feet x 15 feet, 9 meters x 4/5 meters and larger, in a variety of materials.


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