What can our robots cut?

Pretty much anything that can be cut including foam,  stone, wood, foam, composite materials...

How big?

​Our cutting space is 30 feet long, by 11 feet wide by 12 feet high. But we can cut things much bigger by moving them around with our forklift. The real limit is getting it into the building. If we cannot get the pieces in through a 16’ x 10’ door then we probably can’t do it. Remember real tall pieces can be cut lying down. With assembled pieces almost any size can be made.

What types of things can our robots make?

Almost anything including artwork, industrial structures, prototypes, custom shipping containers...

Take a look on our WORK page to get ideas of what is possible. 

How does Madison Robots make my sculpture?

We have multiple approaches including work directly with your digital files. We also use laser scanners to scan your sculpture or design into SOLIDWORKS where we can edit the design to your specifications. Then we program our robots to mill  the dimensions you specify.

Why foam models?

We know that the foam model we initially cut before a final material like stone is educational and gives you an idea of what the piece will look like before an expensive material is cut.  The foam model allows us to work with you to adjust the design for the size you specify. We believe the added cost is minimal compared to wasting a huge piece of steel  or stone or wood. We know you will also realize the value a foam model.

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